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Poole Pottery

Welcome to our guide to Poole Pottery, with information about the history of the Poole Pottery company and details of Poole pottery available for sale.

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About Poole Pottery

Poole Pottery was established in 1873 by Jesse Carter. The company was originally known as "Carter's Industrial Tile Manufactory", with production taking place in a factory located on Poole quayside. The location of the factory was very well suited to the manufacture of pottery as there was a large clay deposit just to the north of the town and Poole Harbour provided the perfect transport infrastructure to ship fuel and other raw materials in and export the finished products out.

Poole Pottery

In the 1920's, Jesse Carter went into partnership with Harold Stabler and John Adams, forming a company known as "Carter Stabler Adams" and this company in turn, eventually became known as Poole Pottery. Production continued at the Poole Quayside factory until 1999, when it moved to Sopers Lane. The factory closed in 2006, but it has recently restarted production under new ownership. The Poole Quay studio and shop has also reopened.


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